In order to deliver the very best allergen free products, we’ve spent years building lasting relationships with the wonderful farming communities in the Murrumbidgee River Basin area – a 30,000 square mile agricultural hotspot that’s home to our state-of-the-art, allergen free factory in New South Whales, Australia. This proximity to the source has allowed us to work closely with our Freedom Farmers to ensure that we get the very best quality ingredients no matter what. They grow non-GMO grains like corn, rice, sorghum and buckwheat are take great pride in their produce.


We work together to ensure the highest quality processes are in place across crop rotation, harvesting, storage and transportation so we know that the grains are grown in an environment that has the lowest risk of cross-contamination with wheat and is handled in a manner to preserve quality. Our quality and production teams visit with our farmers regularly to ensure a positive on-going dialogue and partnership.

Our Farming communities are committed to best practice in environmental sustainability and have on-going water preservation processes in place. The majority of our growers are family farmers – having been on their land for generations.